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served all day  12oz/16oz

Coffee  $1.80/$2.50

Tea  $1.65/$1.95

Vanilla Chai  $3/$3.50
Dirty Vanilla Chai  $5/$5.50
Caramel Macchiato  $4.50/$5
Americano  $3.25 (2oz Espresso - 10oz Water)
Red Eye  $4.30/$5 

Latte  $4/$4.50
Banana Bread Latte  $5.15/$5.65

Oatmeal Cookie Latte (Made with Oat Milk)  $5.35/$5.85 

Hot Chocolate  $2.50/$3 

Dirty Hot Chocolate  $4.50/$5

served all day  16oz

Sweet Tea  $2.29

Iced Coffee  $2

Iced Vanilla Chai  $3.50
Iced Dirty Vanilla Chai  $5.50
Iced Caramel Macchiato  $5

Iced Americano  $3.25

Iced Latte  $4.50

Iced Banana Bread Latte  $5.65

Iced Oatmeal Cookie Latte  $5.85

Iced Hot Chocolate  $3 

Iced Dirty Hot Chocolate  $5 


served all day  10oz

Hot Chocolate  $2
Steamer  $2.40 (1 Syrup included)

9oz Chocolate Milk  $2.40

Apple Juice  $2

Orange Juice  $2


Whip  $.50  

Syrup  $.40 (Caramel, Cinnamon,
Hazelnut, Strawberry, Vanilla, Peppermint, Raspberry, Banana, Brown Sugar, Sugar-Free Vanilla & Sugar-Free Hazelnut)

Sauces  $.40 (Chocolate & Caramel)

Almond Milk / Oat Milk   $.50

served until 1pm

| Add house-made aioli or bacon jam to any sandwich for $.75 |

Basic  $4.50

Egg & sharp cheddar on a DiCamillo roll.

Classic  $5.75

Bacon or Sausage, egg & sharp cheddar
on a DiCamillo roll.

Freddy  $6.50

Bacon, egg & sharp cheddar with home-made bacon jam
on a DiCamillo roll. Ask to try it spicy!

Betty  $6.50

Sausage, egg & sharp cheddar with a jalapeño cranberry aioli on a DiCamillo roll.

Croft  $6.50

Bacon, egg (cooked hard) & Provolone with a sriracha aioli on a DiCamillo roll.

Farm Hand*  $9

Homemade biscuit, fried in bacon grease with

home-made bacon jam, goat cheese, arugula & bacon crumbles.

Make it sunny & add a sunny side up egg for $1.20.

Biscuits & Jam  $7

Two home-made biscuits, warmed and served with your choice of two jams & butter. Add extra jam for $.75 or Nutella for $.75

Grits  $4

Only on Saturday & Sundays. Add bacon crumbles for $1 or an egg for $1.20

*All eggs are prepared over easy

unless otherwise specified.


*Get any sandwich on gluten-free bread

for an additional $2

Served after 11am

Homestead  $12

Cheddar cheese, bacon, arugula, cream cheese and Dragonfly peppered cranberry jam on Dicamillo’s bread covered in everything bagel seasoning. Served with chips and pickled veggies.

Beef on Weck  $12

Tender roast beef on a DiCamillo's kimmelweck roll with homemade horseradish sauce & slices of hot pickle. Served with chips.

Grove  $10

Grilled brie sandwich with arugula and blackberries. Served with chips. Add bacon for $2

Grange  $14

Turkey, bacon, Havarti, sprouts, avocado & sriracha aioli on multigrain bread. Served with chips.

Upgrade your chips to Pickled Pepper Tuna Mac Salad or Greek Pasta Salad for $1.50 or order a separate side for $4


Seasoned Crackers  $1


Pickled Veggies  $2


Dill Dip  $6


Charcuterie Sampler  $6


Garden Salsa  $5

Made from our homemade pickled veggies, served with tortilla chips


Soft Pretzel  $8

Served with house mustard & Nacho cheese


Pretzzy Combo  $14

Soft pretzel, house mustard, Nacho cheese, Polish sausage, Sharp cheddar & "Sadie's Relish with a kick"

Biscuits & Jam  $7

Two home-made biscuits, warmed and served with your choice of two jams & butter. Add extra jam for $.75 or Nutella for $.75

Served at 11am

PB&J  $5

Served with chips.

Grilled Cheese  $5

Served with chips. Add bacon for $2

Snacker  $4

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